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We would like to pass on our knowledge to the users. For this purpose, we prepare technical information on various topics which we make available for download.
In addition, you will find further information material on our products and product groups here.

Technical & further information

Sampling foam concentrates (TI011)

DE (PDF 564 KB)
EN (PDF 559 KB)

Meaning fluorine free (TI021)

DE (PDF 658 KB)
EN (PDF 647 KB)

Mixing foam concentrates (TI033)

DE (PDF 1,4 MB)
EN (PDF 1,1 MB)

Class A in CAFS (TI039)

DE (PDF 656 KB)
EN (PDF 801 KB)

Transitioning firetrucks to F3 (TI053)

DE (PDF 509 KB)
EN (PDF 503 KB)

Foam Concentrate Induction Rate Testing (TI068)

EN (PDF 442 KB)

Wassergefährdungsklassen und Schaumlöschmittel (TI069)

DE (PDF 513 KB)

Environmental guideline

DE (PDF 154 KB)
EN (PDF 153 KB)

Scope of the environmental management system

DE (PDF 283 KB)
EN (PDF 283 KB)

Mission Statement Dr. Sthamer

DE/EN (PDF 600 KB)


Marine - Flyer

EN (PDF 196 KB)

Fluorine-free foams for the future - Flyer

DE (PDF 189 KB)
EN (PDF 188 KB)


Auftrag Schaumlöschmittel-Analyse

DE (PDF 457 KB)
EN (PDF 457 KB)


Guideline for airfield fire engines (so far German only)

DE (PDF 1,8 MB)
EN (PDF 1,8 MB)