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Dr. Sthamer - Foam fights fire, from tradition for the future

Tradition and innovation since 1886
The requirements to modern fire protection are multifaceted and complex. In addition to a quick and safe fire fighting success, aspects such as environment protection, health and sustainability are in focus. Challenges that require a rethink in terms of development and production, but also in terms of deployment strategies and tactics, along with the selection of the right fire extinguishing agent.

We at Dr. STHAMER see ourselves as experts in the field of fire extinguishing agents - and have been for more than 100 years. With our experience and our culture of innovation, we continuously develop new products for you, improve our processes and offer specialist services.

Specialization in foam agents and special extinguishing agents
Our consistent specialization in foam agents & special extinguishing agents, support in conversion projects to fluorine-free extinguishing agents, and the imparting of knowledge and education about foam application enable us to find individual solutions for a wide variety of requirements. Dr. Sthamer covers the entire spectrum from development and production to application-technical consulting from a single source.

Dr. STHAMER's values for customers from around the world
As a mid-sized family-owned company, we have been able to gain the trust of customers worldwide based on our values of sincerity, integrity, reliability, and fairness, as well as the quality of our work, allowing us to develop into one of the leading manufacturers of foam agents and fire extinguishing additives.

Dr. Sthamer - Our History

... it all started in 1886

Founding year

The company was founded by Dr. Richard Sthamer to develop and produce technical chemicals as well as pharmaceutical products.


First attempts

In 1920 first attempts were made to use saponine as a foam agent for firefighting.


The first foam agent

The patent for the first protein-based foam agent was filed. Many more followed.


The first alcohol-resistant foam agent

In the early 1950s, the development of the first synthetic alcohol-resistant foam agent was achieved.


Environment and sustainability

The 1980s were characterized by the development of environmentally compatible foam agents and by the conversion of production processes.


Dr. STHAMER these days

Today, customers from all around the globe place their trust in us. In our products, quality and expertise. Our objective is still the development of high-quality, environmentally friendly and extraordinary high performing firefighting foam agents.

We walk the extra mile for your safety

We ensure the highest level of product quality and performance by conducting more than 550 fire tests per year.

Research & Development

For more than 100 years we have been dealing intensively with the research, development and production of foam extinguishing agents that are used successfully all over the world in a wide variety of areas.

Quality Management

To ensure the quality of our products we are meticulously checking every single delivery of raw materials and every single production.


We meet the requirements of all common standards and hold a large number of certifications worldwide.

ISO 9001:2015 DE (PDF 184 KB)
ISO 9001:2015 EN (PDF 180 KB)
ISO 14001:2015 DE (PDF 177 KB)
ISO 14001:2015 EN (PDF 513 KB)

Our expertise

Decades of experience in development, production and testing of liquid fire extinguishing agents have made us the industry leading foam experts. We use this expertise to assist internationally recognised working groups and risk consultants to understand the effectiveness of fire extinguishing foam agents depending on various influencing factors. One of the most pressing topics today is the transition from fluorine containing to fluo-rine free foam agents. A complex topic that poses great uncertainties and challenges for industrial fire services, health and safety managers, engineering businesses and insurers as well as users in general.

We at Dr. STHAMER help with the conceptual design and offer special training courses on this topic.

In addition to training on special key topics and application-specific content, we also offer basic trainings aimed at passing on knowledge about the efficient and environmentally friendly use of foam extinguishing agents.

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