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We were the first firefighting foam manufacturer in the world to receive VdS approval for firefighting foam concentrates in 2016.

VdS approved products meet particularly high quality requirements and are required by many insurers of fixed firefighting systems.

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In order to be able to rely on the effectiveness of your fire fighting foam concentrate with peace of mind, we recommend an annual check-up of your foam concentrate stock.

We offer the opportunity to test your fire fighting foam concentrate by our laboratory!


Dr. STHAMER Hamburg establishes a new product line of environmentally responsible high performing foam agents of the new type F3 according to EN 1568:2018. The new product line’s name is vaPUREx®.


vaPUREx® is made-up word composed from the terms „vapor“, „pure“ and „x“ as the short form of „ex“ (latin for “extinguished”, “put out” or “terminated”). We envision the term vaPUREx® as a synonym for the performance claim of this new product line:


Cover Flammable Liquids Safely and Stable, Extinguish Efficiently And Direct!


Three key properties of our vaPUREx®-Products deliver:


Efficacy: vaPUREx®-Products are built to deliver a safe and efficient extinguishment of class B fires even without using fluorine technology. This particularly includes the forceful application of firefighting foam.


Robustness:vaPUREx®-Products are built to deliver a stable and robust fire performance irrespective of changing conditions (such as changing water quality, accurateness of proportioning, performance of foaming devices etc.).


Sustainability: all products of the vaPUREx®-Line are fully degradable and free of fluoro-organic compounds.


The first two products of our new product line - vaPUREx® LV 1% F-10 #7141 und vaPUREx® LV ICAO B 3% F-10 #7341 – were introduced at the foamschool 2018.


vaPUREx®LV 1% F-10 # 7141 is dedicated to industrial users facing class B fires of non-polar fuels as their key risk to manage. Due to its low viscosity and newtonian character vaPUREx®LV 1% F-10 can be admixed with any standard common proportioner down to -10°C.


vaPUREx® LV ICAO B 3% F-10 #7341 is our response to the demand of the international airport firefighting community for a fluorine free high performing foam concentrate suitable for low- and medium expansion applications. Also this foam concentrate is a low viscosity non-Newtonian liquid which can be proportioned by any standard proportioning system of airfield fire engines and standard fire trucks. The foam generated from solutions of vaPUREx® LV ICAO B 3% F-10 is capable to effectively blanket large spills of kerosene with a stable foam providing a high level of burn-back stability.


We have successfully completed FM approval testing of several of our fire extinguishing agents. The extensive tests conducted in the USA comprised a number of fire fighting foam concentrates along with their application with various sprinklers. The test program was rounded off by the likewise successful company audit. We are now listed in the FM Approval Guide with a variety of products. 


Due to their chemical composition, a special feature of our FM approved products is their FM ‘Green’ classification. Moreover, all sprinkler tests were conducted using the maximum permissible installation height.


Our FM-approved fire fighting foam concentrates offer additional benefits. We will be happy to provide you with further information.


Link to the FM Approval Guide