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Medium-expansion foam

expansion ratio ≥ 20 to < 200

Depending on the expansion ratio, medium-expansion foam generates ‘damp’ foam consisting of fine bubbles, or ‘dry’ lowweight, high-volume foam consisting of large bubbles. The extinguishing performance relies mainly on the separation, cooling and repression effects. Medium-expansion foam is generated in medium-expansion foam branch pipes. Together with the inducted air, the foam solution is pressurised and swirled around the branch pipe, where it passes through a mesh, causing additional expansion. This method produces a fairly large amount of foam, capable of relatively high build-up, in a short space of time.

Thanks to its wide expansion range, medium-expansion foam may be used for a variety of applications: 50 to 100 times expansion foam is used for plastic, tyre and liquid fires, as well as for extinguishing smouldering fires; 100 to 200 times expansion is used to flood shallow areas, e.g. channels, pits, shafts etc., and wherever a successful firefighting operation depends on a fast build-up of large foam quantities. Medium-expansion foam achieves a projection range of approx. 12 m, enabling comparatively gentle foam application. It rapidly spreads over the entire fire surface, forming a sealed gastight foam blanket. MOUSSOL®-APS LV 1x1 achieves particularly rapid firefighting success when applied on polar liquids. Medium-expansion foam generators, designed especially for industrial fire protection, operate at expansion ratios ranging from 1:25 to 1:35, and are capable of reaching projection ranges of approx. 35 m.