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High-expansion Foam for Inside-Air-Foam Systems

is designed for high-expansion inside-air foam systems. These systems generate foam using hot inside-air, loaded with combustion gas from a fire incident. STHAMEX® -IAF is a fluorine-free, synthetic foam concentrate based on a special surfactant combination and stabilisers.

Proportioning rate
High-expansion foam 2%
High-expansion foam up to 1000times
25% / 50% drain time
High-expansion foam up to 10 / 25 minutes
Frost-resistant -10 °C
20 °C≤ 20 mm2/s
0 °C≤ 30 mm2/s
lowest use temp. ≤ 110 mm2/s

Primary use: Municipal fire services, power stations, industry, plastics industry, recycling plants, maritime, aviation

Main application: non-polar hydrocarbons (fire class B) and solvents, plastics, recyclables, tyres, solid material fires (fire class A).

Installations and equipment: Hollow stram nozzles, low-expansion foam installations, low-expansion foam monitors, low-expansion foam branch pipes, medium-expansion foam branch pipes, high-expansion foam generators, CAFS

STHAMEX©-IAF foam concentrates are fluorine-free, physiologically safe when used as intended, and 100% biodegradable.