To the user, fire extinguishing foams are a reliable and effective way to save lives, propterty. and minimise environmental impact. Quite often they are used years after the initial procurement. The user has to rely on the product quality. Technical standards help to secure this.

Within Europe, standard EN 1568 parts 1-4 form the technical foundation for type testing and quality approval of foam concentrates. Internationally, also ISO 7203 is consulted.

Industry specific approvals dependant on the main use will apply, e.g. ICAO in civil aviation or IMO Circulars in Marine. There are further national and military standards stipulating test criteria for foam concentrates, which we hold.

To ensure that our fire extinguishing foam concentrates comply with the relevant standards, they are tested by independent, officially recoginised and accredited testing institutes.

For further information on approvals of our products please contact our sales offices.

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